Hour Twenty two&Twenty three:

Hour Nineteen&Twenty&Twenty one:

more soil regions and planets

Finished the soil regions

(I need to upload photos)

Hour Eighteen&Nineteen:

Soil regions and planets.

Hour Sixteen&Seventeen&Eighteen

Finishing the topography and beginning to map out the global soil regions & making more planets.

Hour Fourteen&Fifteen&Sixteen:

These hours consisted of applying the topography around the globe

Hour Thirteen:

Hour Thirteen:

Was spent during class scanning images from my Geology textbook on to the computer for my digital aspect of the project.

Hour Twelve:

Hour twelve:  Still working on the ocean almost done then will begin the topography.

I finished the ocean at the end of the twelve hour now to start the topography.


Hour Nine&Ten&Eleven:

Finished putting the continents on adding rest of islands after the ocean is done. Am working on the oceans.







the ocean is taking foreverrrrr… I have lost track of time but I have been working on doing the collage of the ocean for three hours going on four now I may be on four hours now. It is just so time consuming because in order to rotate the globe and work on the other sides I have been waiting for the mod pod to dry.  Either way I am making progress and I plan to finish this ocean tonight

Hour Seven&Eight:

Hour Seven:

I have succsesfully attached North and South America!! 🙂 Now I dont want to to mess with it to much so I am leaving the globe to dry and finishing up the drawings of the missing islands I will need to place along the top of the globe and other various areas.

I have now attached the European and Asian continents to the globe.  This was extremely challenging because I drew them as a large piece and it was frustrating lining them up to go around the curved surface while aligning correctly with the other contents. I had to cut Africa and Australia off and then get the larger half situated and then I will then re attach Africa and Australia once it has dried.

Hour Eight: 

Africa and Australia are now on the globe drying.  Only ones left are Greenland and Antarctica. (picture will come later haven’t uploaded it to the computer yet).